Mutton Fruit Pullao
Mutton Fruit Pullao


Kabuli Pulao is an Afghani delicacy which is made of mutton and rice. The Pulao is rich in flavour due to the dry fruits that are added on top. The mutton stock added while cooking the rice also enhances its taste. It is a complete meal in itself and can be prepared for lunch or dinner. You can even make this if you are planning to have some friends for a small get-together. The mutton is cooked separately in spices first and then cooked again with the masala and rice. This precise way of making it gives it that beautiful aroma that can tempt anyone. Kabuli Pulao tastes amazing with some kebabs and raita. Serve it to your family and earn a lot of compliments. It is an easy to prepare recipe and allows you to taste the royal flavours of Kabuli Pulao at home. Every bite of this pulao is a an irresistible mixture of nicely cooked, tender and juicy mutton with the basmati rice. If you want to surprise loved ones with a yummy dish then Kabuli Pulao should definitely be it.


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