Methi Aloo (Dry Fenugreek)
Methi Aloo (Dry Fenugreek)


Simple Indian stir fry with potatoes and fresh fenugreek leaves.
This Aloo Methi was quite a winter staple in my home and is best enjoyed with flatbread like roti.
I don’t see fresh methi leaves (fenugreek) very often here in the market.
But whenever I spot them, I make sure to buy few bunches and either make paratha with them or a simple stir fry like this Aloo Methi.
Methi was cooked very frequently in our kitchen in India during winters. We didn’t get methi leaves in any other season, so as soon as winter would commence, methi would become a regular feature on our table.
It was added to saag, to methi malai paneer but the most common way mom cooked methi was aloo methi.
Potatoes go well with everything when it comes to Indian recipes and methi is no exception. It’s such a simple stir fry where most of the flavor is from the fresh fenugreek leaves.
I have hardly added any spices to this sabzi.


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